RALLY EXERCISE CLASSES coming to the Village Hall mid October
Hello and welcome to Rally! My name’s Col, and I’m a qualified Gym and Clubbercise Instructor based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The first thing I wanted to explain is why I’m starting my own fitness classes and why it’s called Rally. Firstly, I’m not a massive fitness freak and not naturally built to be a fitness enthusiast. I also can’t lift 400lbs in the gym and I don’t survive on a bed of lettuce for lunch every day. I do know however, that exercising is good for me and that I want to do more of it, but sometimes being able to just do it (like Nike tells us) can be really hard.
I sometimes struggle for motivation, I have struggled with my weight and I sometimes fight in my own head about if I want to go out for that run I planned on doing. This is what Rally is all about. It’s about rallying together with like-minded individuals to perform exercise together. To support each other and most importantly, have fun.
Rally is something I’ve created purely for the love of group-based exercise. Doing exercise classes together rather than alone can help keep you motivated, it’ll make you feel better about yourself and is proven to improve your mental health too. Plus, it’s fun that anyone – of any fitness level – can partake in.
The plan going forward is for Rally to start off with a small bunch of classes in Clubbercise and then we’ll see what class mates would like to see next and go from there. For those who don’t know; Clubbercise is a fusion of dance, tone and combat moves with high/low impact options for all fitness levels and it’s something I absolutely love doing and teaching. If you have reservations about dancing in front of others – I get it, so did I. But, dancing in the dark with glow sticks takes the focus off of you and onto what the class and the instructor are doing as a whole which makes for some brilliant experiences and fun classes to be had by all.
If Clubbercise sounds like something you’d like to take part in and you are over 16 years of age, classes will be starting online in a few weeks and from mid October at Cullingworth Village Hall.
Find out more about classes on our website or stay tuned on our Instagram @rallyfitclub
Thanks for reading!